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A company worth owning.

This was an idea that CEO Josh Watts learned from childhood lessons taught by his father, himself a business owner in the construction industry.  It was a phrase that stuck after working with Keller Williams and having a high-performing real estate team in the years leading up to MedTrust.  That somewhat elusive description boiled down to 2 basic ideas that form the foundation of MedTrust Medical Transport.  To be a company worth owning, MedTrust would have to be a company worth working for, and a company worth working with.


And this commitment is what led Josh and Buddy Koon to create the company in January of 2012.  You see there was a huge gap between the experience that “could be” and the experience that “was” both for employees, the patients and facilities served by private medical transport businesses.  We understand the person dialing our number, to request a transport, has a choice of who to call. That is why MedTrust strives to stand out in the crowd by having a real passion for patient transport and to provide superb service.

We want our patients and the healthcare community to: Know Us...Like Us...Trust Us.

It is that basic idea that has guided the MedTrust model and what leads us daily.  We want our patients and the healthcare community to: Know Us…Like Us…Trust Us.  This means a patient-centered focus but also means an employee-centered focus.  Our company strives to be the absolute best company to work for and is constantly building out the “package” of what it means to be a part of the MedTrust family for our employees. MedTrust Medical Transport is comprised of a group of highly-dedicated EMTs and Paramedics and top-notch support staff who strive to improve not only as providers, but also improve the organization as a whole.  Our open door policies allow staff the opportunity to take part in the decision making process, and therefore; determine the direction of the organization.


MedTrust has grown to a fleet of Ambulance and wheelchair/ambulatory vehicles with in-house ASE-certified mechanics.  More than 20 facilities and organizations in the Lowcountry and Grand Strand have entrusted their patients to MedTrust and to date, we have responded to more than 17,500 requests for transport.  MedTrust supports our many community organizations as well as provides onsite and mobile medical support for local professional and college athletic events.  With an office in Murrells Inlet, MedTrust is poised to expand along the coast and has been serving Georgetown County facilities and their patients since 2014.

MedTrust is poised to expand along the coast and has been serving Georgetown County facilities and their patients since 2014.

After an 11 month battle with lung cancer, MedTrust lost Buddy Koon its COO in late 2014.  More important than that though, the owners, managers, and employees lost an amazing friend, partner, and leader. Buddy was and will remain a daily reminder to make decisions, build relationships, and provide excellent care with Faith as our Compass. “Buddy’s fingerprints will always help mold this company in the future…” says Watts.

The future for MedTrust is bright!

With a passion for the patient, a commitment to extraordinary service and professionalism, and an amazing team of providers, the company is excited to push the delivery of mobile medicine and pre-hospital care.  Through innovative programs like Living Well and MedTrust Academy, we are not only “thinking outside the box” but are committed to building a better and ever expanding box!  In the end though it all goes back to that simple commitment of building a company worth owning.


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