MedTrust is committed to providing high quality BLS transportation services on behalf of its hospital clients.

By focusing on timeliness, efficiency, and attention to detail of its patient care, MedTrust ensures that its BLS transport service does not inhibit the facility’s team of healthcare professionals from going about their work. This in turn helps towards ensuring an efficient flow of patients without affecting the reputation of the facility.


MedTrust clients can choose to request BLS transport on behalf of their patients, using multiple sources to include; web, mobile, tablet, and telephone, ensuring that its team can concentrate on providing the most efficient BLS transport service available in the Lowcountry.


Below are just some of the BLS (basic life support) transport services MedTrust offers to hospitals:


Non-emergent (BLS) medical transport to, from, and between; hospitals, homes and long-term care facilities for:
– Admission / discharge
– Bariatric patients (local and long distance)
– Inter-facility transfers


Emergent (BLS) medical transport between hospital facilities for:
– Slips, trips and falls
– Changes in mental state


For BLS (Basic Life Support) transport services not listed above, or if you are interested in MedTrust becoming a BLS transport provider on behalf of your hospital, please contact MedTrust using the form below and they will strive to meet your needs.