MedTrust is fortunate to have a unique resource on staff in Brian Martin- Special Projects Officer. Mr. Martin has a great deal of experience and training in the planning and provision of evacuation, mass casualty, and event standby services. As a planner with SC Task Force Force 1 and previous experience with NJ Task Force 1, Mr. Martin participates in preparation and hands-on training exercises several times a year and is a valuable resource for our contracted facilities and partners.

Many folks don’t understand that a nursing home, assisted living, or other medical facility in the Lowcountry must provide and contract for evacuation in the event of fire, hurricane, or other disaster. There is a facility specific plan that we help develop based on the patient population of a particular facility, taking into account: the required resources, primary and secondary routes, receiving facility(s) backup or mutual aid needs, etc.

This same thought and planning is necessary for Event Standby and MedTrust is proud to work directly on more than 75 events each year.

“Recent partnerships with the Charleston Riverdogs, Charleston Battery, and Charleston Southern Athletic Department further validate the growing recognition of these services and MedTrust’s commitment to expanding our footprint through these partnerships.”
– Josh Watts, MedTrust CEO

In addition to providing the medical care needed, MedTrust is committed to tailoring its service to each event. We provide more customization of the service offering including personnel, equipment, etc which allows the event organizer to confidently focus on other areas.