Some 911 calls that came in during 2017 were especially strange, from a man who had a fish jump down his throat when he pretended to eat it, to a skydiver who lived after falling onto an airplane.  Here are the top ten craziest EMS calls received in 2017!

  1. A man calls EMS to report himself after running into five cars.

    A man who fled on foot after crashing into five cars, eventually called paramedics to help treat him from injuries he may have sustained (he had no injuries and was arrested).

  2. A patient escapes an ambulance and goes naked 30 feet above highway.

    A patient suffering from schizophrenia jumped out of an ambulance and climbed on a 30 foot excavator on the Palmetto Expressway, before removing his clothes and claiming to be a serial killer.

  3. Skydiver survives after colliding with an airplane.

    A small plane became entangled with a skydiver under its aircraft for about an hour before landing safely. Paramedics treated the jumper for minor bruises.

  4. Man is bitten after trying to kiss rattlesnake.

    EMS was called to airlift a Florida man to the hospital after he tried to kiss a rattlesnake, but was instead bitten on the tongue.

  5. Woman didn’t realize she was pregnant and gave birth on sidewalk.

    A woman was waiting to be taken to the hospital by a friend after experiencing severe abdominal pain, when she soon realized the source of her pain. She didn’t know she was pregnant and ended up giving birth to a baby on the sidewalk.

  1. Man fleeing police calls them for help after getting stuck.

    A Utah man called 911 to be rescued after hiding from police in a church boiler room, where he got stuck.

  2. Indonesia man swallowed completely by a python.

    Villagers discovered a young man after searching for hours when they noticed an engorged 23 foot-long python near his picking tool and boot.

  3. Man with PTSD attacks EMS after claiming to fight Russians.

    EMS was attacked by a man being removed from a shelter, claiming to be in Uzbekistan and fighting off the Russians, who he mistook for them.

  4. Man saved by paramedics after fish jumps down throat.

    Paramedics saved a man who had gone into cardiac arrest after a fish jumped down his throat while he was pretending to swallow it. It took six dangerous attempts to remove the 5.5 inch Dover sole.

  5. Dispatch called when python “won’t let go of women’s hand.”

    Police and firefighters responded to a call from a woman who tried to give a python a bath, which instead stuck its teeth and wrapped itself around her hand.

Source: “The top 10 strangest EMS calls of 2017,” EMS1.com.

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