Who Is MedTrust?

At MedTrust, we know that our company’s success depends on the success of each and every partnership we develop: with our communities, facilities, employees, clients, and patients. Come learn how we can succeed together.


The Logo

To find out what MedTrust stands for, look no further than our logo.

The heart, cross, and circle represent our three foundations. As a company, we hold the heart of each patient, team member, care provider, and community at the center of every action. Whether we’re transporting a patient, preparing for local emergency evacuations, or procuring state-of-the-art equipment and training to our employees – it’s all driven by care and dedication. This is symbolized by the heart at the very center of our logo.

Represented by the cross in our logo, MedTrust strives to protect and care for our patients, providers, community, and employees in countless ways. Quality equipment, training, and simulations help our employees provide excellent care. A top-notch benefits package helps our employees balance their work and life. Our supportive office team helps the entire company run smoothly and efficiently. The cross also indicates how our company serves at various junctions. From leadership to field work, from employees to client, from business to community—each group must work together to offer the best service available.

Finally, the unbroken circle signifies MedTrust’s continuous operations. Our work never stops. It’s a continuous effort, around the clock, around the week, around the calendar. We work hard to offer that service to our clients while supporting the employees who make it happen. We also work tirelessly to build continuous trust and accountability.

The Story

MedTrust History

MedTrust began in Charleston, SC in 2012 with a team of six people. We wanted to fill a gap that existed at the time in the private ambulance companies with how people and entities in our industry—facilities, patients, community members, and employees—were treated.

Today, MedTrust has more than 400 employees and serves the entire coast of South Carolina as well as Jacksonville, Florida, and we are expanding into the Georgia market soon, too. With such tremendous growth, we’re better able to identify and set best practices and move equipment as needed to assist each location with dedication and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a position with MedTrust?


ridemedtrust.candidatecare.jobs features listings by department and location

Does MedTrust pay for experience?


MedTrust Compensation is based on a variety of factors including: Local Market Compensation, Years of Relevant Experience, Specialty Certifications for Critical Care, additional licensing as RT or RN

Does MedTrust hire externally for Management or Leadership opportunities?


MedTrust has a preference for internal candidates wherever practical or possible.  That said, we are committed to getting the VERY BEST hire for every position and often extend our search nationally for that reason.

Where is MedTrust Based?


MedTrust is based in Hanahan, SC (near Charleston) with the majority of Administrative support located at Headquarters.  Revenue Cycle/Billing, Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, QA/Compliance, and other support functions are housed at this location.  We are also proud to serve other areas of Coastal SC with additional base locations in: Walterboro, Summerville, Moncks Corner, Georgetown, Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach.  MedTrust is proud to serve the Florida market with our first location in the Southpoint area of Jacksonville! 

Will I be able to maintain my certification at MedTrust?


MedTrust will provide 3 to 4 times the required training needed to maintain required State/NREMT Certification and Licensing.  We offer multiple live classes, live-streaming classes, recorded classes through Medic-CE, Simulation Access through our partner facilities, and many additional clinical and case review opportunities.

Does MedTrust do 911 or "Just Inter-facility"?


This is actually one of our favorite questions to answer.  MedTrust is the fastest growing ambulance company in the Southeast because we believe have built and continue to build a company focused on service to Health Systems/Hospitals.  We believe there is often a negative impact on inter-facility partners when a provider is diluted in their service to include 911.  Everything we do from an equipment, training, staffing, and education perspective relies on this focus: “Improving Patient Outcomes through Excellence in Mobile Healthcare”

How do I learn more about MedTrust?


You can submit a question here or take a look at this brief introductory video.