Experiencing an emergency that requires a call to 911 can be a harrowing experience. Most children learn about what to do in case of an emergency at a young age. But, when it happens in real life, even as an adult, a lot of what you learned might disappear quickly. 

Provided you act fast and called emergency services, you’ve delivered a major service to someone that needs assistance. But what happens after you dial 911? Who is going to arrive at the scene? The answers to those questions could vary. 

Calling For Help

Asking for help can be intimidating. We’ve been told all our lives never to “cry wolf.” But, if there is a true emergency, the 911 system is standing by to help. It’s important to understand that the person who answers the phone has been trained to deal with just about any type of caller and situation. Stay as calm as possible and answer their questions clearly and completely. 

You can help the 911 operator do their job by figuring out your location. If you don’t know, ask someone else at the scene to figure it out. Sometimes your phone’s map app can even tell you where you are. Also, let the 911 operator know whether you are calling about a medical, fire, or police emergency so that they can contact the right agency immediately. 

Who Will Show Up?

Once you’ve clarified what type of emergency you are having, the 911 dispatcher will get the proper personnel moving in your direction. If it is a medical emergency, you might get a response from an ambulance or other type of first responder. For example, some first responders come from your local fire department, which is also staffed with paramedics or EMTs. 

What To Do While You Wait

While you’re waiting for the professionals to arrive, stay on the line with the 911 operator. They may have some additional questions for you that can help the first responders get ready while en route. These might include information about medical history, allergies, or the incident that led up to the call for help. They might also have some instructions that you can follow to assist a person that needs help. Finally, if you have small children or pets in the area, this is a good time to make sure they are taken care of before emergency services personnel arrive on the scene. 

When Emergency Services Arrives

When the first responders arrive, they will immediately assess the situation. If this is a medical call, they’ll determine how serious the patient’s condition is and make decisions about what needs to be done to stabilize them before transport. They will also figure out where the best facility is to take the person based on their condition. For example, some facilities specialize in treating stroke victims. But, if you have a preference in facilities, now is the time to express your wishes. 

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