The holidays are meant to be a time for celebration and bringing families together. Between decorating, shopping for gifts, and family get-togethers, there may be more opportunities for trouble and serious injury. Here are some of the potential risks and the ways you and your loved ones can stay safe and away from the emergency room this holiday season. 

Avoid Holiday Decorating Disasters

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that more than 1,700 people suffered holiday-related injuries severe enough to require hospital care between 2011-2015. Over two-thirds of these injuries were related to decorations. 

Common injuries involve people falling from ladders, being injured by nail guns, or getting shocked or electrocuted. The simplest way to avoid these tragedies is to slow down. If you have a lot on your plate, space things out over several days or ask for help. 

Staying Safe on the Roads

More people take to the roads during the holiday season for a variety of reasons. They might need to get some shopping done, attend a company event, or travel to spend time with loved ones. Whenever there is holiday travel, the danger of serious accidents increases. 

You can’t avoid every accident, but you can lower your risk by taking some precautions. First, never drink and drive. It’s dangerous, illegal, and irresponsible. Next, follow the rules of the road and increase your following distance so you can stop in time to avoid an accident. Finally, don’t rush. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and enjoy the journey. 

Holiday Cooking the Safe Way

Cooking and kitchen mishaps are responsible for a fair share of holiday illnesses and injuries. If you aren’t sure how to properly defrost and cook that 14 lb. turkey, look it up and even watch a few YouTube videos first to avoid frustration and potential food poisoning. The same goes for carving a turkey or roast so that you can stay safe and out of the emergency room. 

Keeping Children Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are about spending time with children and seeing the joy on their faces. No one is going to be happy riding in an ambulance or sitting in an ER waiting room. Children can become more excited than usual during the holiday season, so you can take a few precautions to keep them safe:

  • Establish some guidelines – If there are unsafe areas of your home, let them know what is off-limits. 
  • Move dangerous items – When your home isn’t child-proof, it’s a good idea to look around and see what you can temporarily relocate, such as knives, chemicals, and fragile keepsakes. 
  • Read directions and warnings – New toys are fantastic but read directions with your child first to make sure they are safe and being used properly to avoid injury. 

Happy Holidays from the Team at MedTrust

The team at MedTrust wishes you and your loved ones and happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. Named the “Fastest Growing Company in South Carolina,” we provide excellence in mobile healthcare and are the provider of choice for communities, patients, and families throughout our network. 

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