EMS providers placed in charge of transporting patients by ambulance need not only the best training but also top-rated equipment. Responding timely to requests for transport is only a part of the equation. The other half is having the right tools to sustain and save lives when necessary. Fortunately, MedTrust employs the best in the business and uses the latest equipment. 

EMS Equipment Challenges

Delivering quality patient care in the back of a moving vehicle can be challenging. EMS transport vehicles must be designed, both internally and externally, to avoid accidents and provide a functional environment for patient transportation and care. 

Part of a winning formula is having a patient compartment, sometimes referred to as “the box,” that makes crew safety and comfort a top priority. Beyond this, having advanced equipment on hand can help keep patients comfortable, keep providers informed, and save lives when the unexpected happens. 

MedTrust Use of Top-Rated Equipment

MedTrust operates a fleet of fully-equipped ambulances in a coverage area that spans South Carolina, Coastal Georgia, and North Florida. In addition to the standard items that you’ll find onboard most ambulances, MedTrust also features top-rated equipment like the ZOLL X Series monitor

The ZOLL X Series is a full-featured yet compact monitor/defibrillator used for patient transport. It weighs less than 12 pounds and is the lightest unit of its kind available. Designed to be used with patients of all ages, the X Series is ideal for assisting patients who arrest during transport. 

The unit provides advanced monitoring for patients with 3-, 4-, 5-, or 12-lead ECG monitoring that can measure 10 physiological parameters (two temperatures, three invasive blood pressures, SpMet, SpCO, SpO2, EtCO2, and NIBP.) The unit allows you to select the parameters that meet the transport protocols of your hospital. 

EMS personnel can monitor any parameters on a high-contrast color screen, which is visible even in the most low light conditions. The unit has intuitive color-coded modes of operation for the defibrillation features, and the high-capacity battery lasts up to six hours. 

Should a patient need CPR during transit, the X Series provides a high level of support with real-time measures. It provides rate and depth information so that your team can make adjustments to deliver the best treatment possible.

The X Series is ideal for door-to-door use. It has advanced communication abilities, such as Bluetooth and WiFi as standard features. Whether using the unit for transport between hospitals or for advanced life support (ALS) services, teams have the level of support they need for even the smallest or most critical patients. 

Delivering Quality Service to Satisfied Clients

At MedTrust, 80% of our services concern the transportation of patients from one facility to another. We place a strong focus on Excellence in every area of our business, including using top-rated equipment. Not only are we a “provider of choice” in our chosen market, but also an “employer of choice.”  Contact us to learn more about our company and services.