There’s nothing simple about being an emergency medical technician (EMT). First, you have to complete the process to become one, which includes training and passing a national exam. But that’s just the beginning. 

Working as an EMT means you make life and death decisions daily at your job, which isn’t an occupation for everyone. So, what makes a great EMT? Here are some traits you can put on your list. 

1. Compassion

When dealing with someone who is hurt or sick, patient care should be a top priority. The best EMTs will know when and how to connect with their patients through empathy and compassion. 

2. Trustworthiness

People who require the services of an EMT are often in a vulnerable state. The best EMTs will be able to quickly read the situation and relate to the patient and the family to gain their trust. An EMT must always maintain a professional image since they are the face of their employer.

3. Team Player

No EMT works solo. Quality patient care is a team effort, whether it involves the technician and a dispatcher, several EMTs, or a group of paramedics. Good communication and rapport among team members are necessary to get the job done in the safest and most effective manner possible. 

4. Attitude

Top EMTs are always ready to learn the latest methods and are open to new ways of getting things done. When interacting with patients, they put patient needs above any personal issues. Having a friendly and can-do attitude makes the job more enjoyable for the EMT and easier for the patient. 

5. Organization

EMTs must be incredibly organized. When you need a life-saving medication or some other device, it should be exactly in its designated spot instead of shoved in a corner after the last call. You may also be asked to handle trip paperwork and complete other work duties as part of your job. 

6. Competency

Every EMT has passed an exam that verifies a base level of knowledge, but that doesn’t always translate into competency in the field. A great EMT will be able to quickly apply everything they’ve learned in training and their time in the field to helping patients in their time of need. 

7. Grace Under Fire

When an EMT arrives at a job, even one that is supposed to be routine, it could turn into a chaotic situation. When others are panicking, it’s up to the EMT to remain composed and calm as they carry out the procedures for which they were trained. 

8. Strong Work Ethic

The first work in EMT stands for “emergency,” meaning nothing is predictable. A good EMT will be ready and willing to jump into action when they’re needed. They will always be on time for work and fully engaged while there. Even on scheduled days off, they might be asked to remain on-call. 

If you believe you have what it takes to be a great EMT, research the requirements where you live. Here at MedTrust, our team of qualified and caring EMTs improves patient outcomes through excellence in mobile healthcare. Check out our career page to learn more about the steps to become a member of our team.